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"PETER   -BP04"  ~At Stud~

The 1st credibly DNA approved  Pinto  Friesian at STUD in North America !

LPFG -$1250 

"TIETSE 428"  ~At Stud~

(Reyert x dam of Leffert) Frozen semen at our California facility. Grand Prix approved Dressage stallion with proven offspring.

 A Tietse foal can do it all 

- carriage, Saddleseat and Dressage 

$250/6 studfee/ 1 - 6 mares/


"FRANS   -BP14"  ~At Stud~

The 2nd credibly DNA approved Pinto  Friesian at STUD in North America!  

LPFG $1095 !

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      (Teeuwis x Nanno x Oege-Pref)

2006 FHANA Star mare Sire Teeuwis is 1st Premium Stallion approved on offspring, Champ bloodlines, dressage, halter or Saddleseat, this one is a winner in the arena or breeding barn. Rare Stamline 10-judges are looking for approved stallions out of this line, is why they considered her 1/2 brother Verona has the conformation, charisma and credentials to be the mother of an approved stallion--good producing bloodlines and this one is proven! She is a Black Arabian Stallion in Friesian disguise! Full Pedigree, Ln 10; in foal with Pinto Friesian PETER for a late 2015 foal.

Clic her pic for her personal page with Online Video


Zurrender TCB

DOB: 7.02.2015  -Filly

(Jisse x Sibald x Jochem-P x Oege-P) 

 Line 50 Full Pedigree Filly-

rare Tsjerk filly

Elegance, Character, big stepper, sweet, huggy bear with Sass!

Clic here pic for her personal page 

out of  Star + Preferent  grand Dam attained her Preferent status on 1st 6 babies!  

LINE 50 Cadillac of Friesian Breeding Lines!

     9 generations of star & preferents,

S +P; S+P8; M+P8; M+P; M+P; M+P; S+P; M+P; M+P 

  personality plus.  

Great Blue Blood breeding genes



(Sibald x Jochem-P x Oege-P) 

 Line 50 Full Pedigree STAR Mare out of  Star + Preferent  mare, Dam attained her Preferent  status on 1st 6 babies!  

LINE 50 Cadillac of Friesian Breeding Lines!

     9 generations of star & preferents,

S +P; S+P8; M+P8; M+P; M+P; M+P; S+P; M+P; M+P 

  pleasure rides, sweet, tall girl with personality plus.  Great Blue Blood breeding genes, great mom, easily in foal. Her 2012 BPS colt went 1st Premium!

Bred to Grand Prix Dressage Friesian Tietse 428 for 2016 foal  

Online Video:  Click Brie's pic - personal page! 

Viva Las Vegas TCB

DOB: 6.22.2014  -Filly

(Tsjerk-P x Sibald x Jochem-P x Oege-P) 

 Line 50 Full Pedigree Filly-

rare Tsjerk filly


Excalibur's Ellusian

DOB: 12.17.2014  -Colt

(PETER BP04 x Teeuwis x Nanno x Oege-Pref)

 out of Friesian Star mare, Line 10 Full Pedigree Baroque Black colt.

Big trotter, intelligent, Friesian friendly, BPS elasticity and better lung capacity.

both parents tall, he should mature to 16.2+ 

Clic here pic for his personal page 


Fame & Fortune TCB 

DOB: 3.15.2015

(FRANS BP14 x Tietse 428 Sp x Andries 415)

2015 -87.5% BPS Baroque Black Friesian Filly

 Barock Pinto Studbook DNA registered   Model/Elite Mare candidate-top breeding lines in the BPS - 

  Knees to nose, hocks to tail- she can Rock'n Roll ! 

Clic his pic for her personal page with Online Video



** FRANS-For Sale, 

serious inquiries -email your introduction**  

 (WILLEM x Mintse x Oege-P x Peke)

FRANS - BPS Approved  stallion -  the only son of PREFERENT approved BPS Pinto stallion - WILLEM, for sale in N. America 

2010 Registered 75% Pinto Friesian Stallion 

         Dam out of 9 Generations 

      Full Pedigree & from top 4 Friesian motherline

    line 25!!  Very tall, mature out to 16.3               S, S+P, S+P; M+P+Prst; S, M+P, M+P, P 

BarockPinto Studbook -USA (English) is now online!


Registered  Friesian Pintos -Should mature into  Tall long legged super sport horses with tons of hair! They are DNA proven with proven lineage for 10 generations back.  Don't be fooled with fake pedigrees. 

Pinto Friesians are in the USA!    1st shipments Sold out in 5 mos--get on board this success


olly2.JPG (234404 bytes)

** Friesian Pintos by the Palms **

Proven WiLLEM genes-,  stamp his Get with beautiful coloring, Friesian feathered finery, height, intelligence and delightful personalities.   



Willem Video 2:  Click here! 


-DNA  Approved Registered Friesian Pinto Stallion, International Grand Prix Dressage

(Adel 357 x KWPN Samber mare) We have been working & refining our Pinto Friesian breeding program for years/ take a look at our first showcase stallion--he is Magnificent!! The only one in the world that passed a performance test & is licensed & registered to give your babies a registration paper.  We took the best pedigrees,  worked with "Mother Nature" to create & design not only a splash of color, but a fantastic sport horse in conformation, intelligence, working mind & glorious looks. 

Black Tie Black & White has finally arrived for discriminating Friesian enthusiasts.  

Click here:  for Willem's USA Website

Online Video

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Tietse Choice Saddles -TC

custom fashion colors/

  custom fit for your Friesian or Pinto Friesian 

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