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ADEL  357


Tietse 428 Sport 

First  FPS/FHANA registered  GRAND PRIX  Friesian Stallion & the only one with a History making 10 CHAMPION Foals in 1 breeding year with offspring scores of 81% 1st & 2nd P foals; and with offspring going "outside the box" -- competing and winning in disciplines other than Friesian specialty, winning against Dutch Warmbloods in Dressage and Saddleseat horses.

AND Tietse's foals had the highest TROTTING scores!!  Tietse's  past 6 yrs  frozen semen pregnancy rate has been  70%, & 6 successful ET's.  His frozen is more fertile than any Friesian Fresh Semen! Tietse  is one of the most popular Friesian stallions worldwide.   Line bred on Ritske Preferent-the only sire to give stamina and proven performance Friesians in history.  Tietse is "Jochem-Free", making his lineage easier to find mates to, as with the close inbreeding in this small breed, most lines have Jochem in the pedigree.  Tietse Stamps his offspring;  people remember a Tietse foal, gorgeous long necks, pretty faces, hair, feathering, charisma, reasoning and intelligence. Tietse foals are growing up to be winning competitors in many disciplines!  The most photographed Friesian in the World-click video links below for his Photo album

Tietse Video World Stallion Show

  Driving Video         his foal videos!! 

  Tietse - a  Decade in Pictures- Click Here!   

Stallion show NL 2011   Tietse Offspring page

"Want a Friesian Baby with tons of Hair, Super-Trot Movement & Hollywood Charisma, then make your Mare's date with TIETSE 428 " 

" The King" 

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9 AM Netherlands Stallion Show Jan 2011

class:  13 yrs & older Tietse -natural adrenalin -faster than a coffee wake up --wakes everyone up with his crowd pleasing front extension trot. Gerrit & Allart give Tietse a great 5 rounds, 13 yrs & still going like an energizer bunny, no lack of lung capacity on this Friesian!!.

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$1500/1 studfee

Frozen Semen -80% thawed progressively motile sperm!

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