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Birth Alarm De betrouwbare veulen geboorte melder.

The Most Advanced and Reliable
For any Size of Horse

Foaling season can mean long hours of supervision and sleepless nights for the breeder who does not have a large staff to regularly monitor the near-term foaling mare.

NOW, there is a proven award winning system on the market to assist with this problem.

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World's Finest Foaling Monitor
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$1400.00 (US)
Comes with one full year warranty.

We have the Birth Alarm System and this season I have foaled many foals for clients. It has never failed to put me at the broodmare's side prior to delivery. I know that we should not be without it. It is one of the best investments I have ever purchased in the horse breeding business."
Tom Kingman, Shady Spurs Ranch

"Hi, Susan. I sent my check to you via FedEx yesterday, so you should receive it soon. Could you write back and let me know when the system was shipped to me so that I can know when to expect it? I have a mare due right now and she has managed to disable TWO of the Foalert transmitters. I can't stand the thought of sewing another one of those things on her, so I'm just having to watch her all the time in order not to miss the birth. I'm really looking forward to having the Birth Alarm System so that I might sleep at night!"
Elaina Fitzpatrick
What is Foal Alarm System?
Birth Alarm system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is attached to an anti-roll girth which is placed around the horse's withers. The mare experiences no discomfort whatsoever from the leather girth. The transmitter has a range of 500 meters, but you can extend this distance by connecting it, for example to a beeper. The transmitter is waterproof, so the system is also ideal for use with births that take place out-of-doors.

You set the receiver in the desired place, for example in the bedroom, and plug it in. A 12 volt adapter is also available for isolated locations. 

How does Birth Alarm SystemWork?
It is not normal for a mare in the late stages of gestation to lie totally on its side when resting. Normally speaking, it rests in a half lying, sitting or even standing position. The position in which it lies totally on its flank is unique and is utilized only during the expulsion phase of the birth process. There is, however, a group of mares (approximately 10%) that do rest in the totally lateral position and thus form an exception to this rule. For this group of mares, Foal Alarm System is equipped with a special setting which enables it to detect and report the onset  of delivery in all cases without exception. Foal Alarm System can be adjusted to two different settings:
4a and 4b

Setting 4a is for the standard situation in which the totally lateral position is a unique occurrence, i.e. the mare does not rest in this position.

Setting 4b is provided for the group of mares that rest in the same position they also assume during contractions.