One of our foaling stories:

Elvis is Born!!!!

Foaling Photos of Colt Elvis 

As with Elvis the Star, his early photos were "Viewer Discretion Advised", it is the same with "our Elvis" these early photos are "viewer discretion advised".

These are his real foaling pictures & a bit messy, so view with discretion:  May 20, 2001 11:05 pm - Benicia California

 Attended by Haley (Of course), Nosey Onlooking Stable Steeds, Assistants Ashley, Susan &  all the other  "Critters of the Night".

08:30 pm       Transitory labor commences--Haley becomes a      "Mare with a Mission"

10:45 pm       Water breaks, won't be long now   Poor Haley.

10:51 pm        The white bag is first seen, then 1 hoof, then two hoofs, 2 hoofs and a nose and a pink tongue!

11:05 pm      After a few  big contractions (and only very quiet moans), Haley finishes pushing out his last rear   hoof and Elvis is officially born. He stands, nurses, trots, socializes with  Ash & I, kicks mom in the leg for  "pestering him so much, and shows he has "tude"  all within the first  2 hrs.



Help me, I do not feel good.....

The "Bubble


        2 downward hoofs--correct presentation so far


       2 front hoofs/nose       

          back out 


    hips out


final push/last hoof out



               Moms 1st kick in the Butt


My tent   


allout.jpg (22999 bytes) ah yes, fresh air



      hmmm, what's this?  

            Hello, SON

     Wet behind the Ears

   Yoga Legs

momcleaninghim.jpg (24214 bytes)

Nope, the milk isn't up front



Dozing--I am tired.  Til next time...