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Our Quest


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Responsible Breeding doesn't just Happen.......

A great deal of thought, studying of pedigrees and a review of each foal when they are adults, mixed with many an educated guess and a dash of luck, all go into the genetic melting pot that results in the birth of a foal.  Then they have to be skillfully, conscientiously and painstakingly reared, so as to be healthy and adjusted when they go to their carefully chosen, new homes

  After much research and investigation, the rather rare FRIESIAN captured my head and my heart. They are such a delight to be around, these healthy, good natured, fun-loving, intelligent, willing horses.  Little did I know that I was going to be adopted by such a wonderful breed!

"Exquisidry in Motion"-- Excalibur Horses are breeding higher quality talented horses for Today's Horse Enthusiast . Located between San Francisco and Sacramento in N. California, we are breeding FPS/Fhana Dutch registered Friesian horses of exceptional lines from Studbook & Ster mares. Both domestic & European Friesian Stallions are sires to our foals. Foals are imprinted at birth & trained with kindness, love & a little bit of discipline. We are proud of this magnificent breeds' versatility & magnetism & for the joy they bring in everyday life.  We love to have visitors & enjoy sharing our love of horses with others. 

Breeding Action & Beauty into a Versatile Frame! 

 --Specializing in Friesians with Presence--The "WOW" Factor--

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We are breeding & selling FPS/FHANA reg. Friesians of exceptional lines. We personally hand select for Beauty, Strength, Soundness, 

Balance, Size, Charisma & Elegance. Stallion Candidates- 1st Premium. Foals--FPS Semen--Star Mares-- Model mares

 We  offer you some of the finest Friesians in the World

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