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Since 1998, we have been shipping horses like these all over the World. Letters of recommendation available upon request. 

We also take buyers on trips to Holland to find their perfect Friesian.  Here are some of our most Recent Sales:

Baby to Ca Miracle to Ca

016.JPG (434823 bytes) Verona to CA Zsa Zsa sold to Ca

  Fame & Fortune to Ca     Zuri to KY 

Viva to KY Ellusian to CA


   Lauren to NJ        Marit to IA 


    Evangeline to CA    Edge of Reality TCB - Henry -S. Cal



e1 - Copy.JPG (180162 bytes)  Elvis to Los Angeles, CA      Satine  - CA   

 cc5.JPG (430320 bytes)  CC Rider - Isidro CA  Constantijn

Douwina 1417488_455501661235048_2113820707_o.jpg (475348 bytes) Berber

Memories - Mariah ID 737207_527605967334122_1088869674_o.jpg (531832 bytes) Damira


Double Trouble  BPS 1P - Pedro in CA

1402089_453796944738853_2030410876_o.jpg (453304 bytes) Bo Didja Ever TCB BPS to Raul, CA

Ciel   894780_453768904741657_1012159236_o.jpg (361219 bytes) Bravo

Brechtje   ZariK1aa.jpg (59035 bytes) Zariana to Christina in LA

Molly to Salvador in IL    Mabelline to Maria in IL

  Raissa, Model to Vianna in ID Gisolt to Cr in CA

AMBER 1st Premium STAR to Jose in CR    Sexy (Tietse x Tsjerk)

Britt (BONTFIRE BPS006 x Feitse-Pref)Bonita J.H.(BONTFIRE BPS006 out of Jasper Motherline


Benita (BONTFIRE BPS006 x Feitse-Pref) Kali - sold to California

GoedeDame- Congrats to Mariano in Mexico


Gemma - Congrats to Mariano in Mexico  Ms Rock'n Roll - Congrats to Mariano in Mexico

Memphis -Congrats to Vincent in TX       Celina - congrats to Julie in WA


Warrior - congrats to Brenda, AZ jl1.jpg (57853 bytes) Jailhouse Rock- congrats to Javier

Sjirkje.jpg (100960 bytes) Sjirkje - congrats to Michelle  Gracie


foal1106_6_10_2011_12_04_AM_0001.jpg (95835 bytes) Lisa Marie- Congrats to Horacio    Dolce1.jpg (46273 bytes) Dolce - Congrats to Henry

Dolly_6_19_2011_6_55_PM_0004_-_Copy.jpg (66229 bytes) Dolly  3.JPG (403753 bytes)Emma -congrats to Jackie 

far4.JPG (102241 bytes) Farrah -Congrats to Gary & Jackie in NY kk3.jpg (68125 bytes) Kauai - Congrats to Sue in AZ

KC 7_14_2011 11_19 PM_0009.jpg (44861 bytes) King Creole - Congrats to Bernie, CA gib12.jpg (43126 bytes) Gibralter -Congrats to Fredericka in OH


Cor 1_9_2011 12_17 PM_0005.jpg (67937 bytes) Cor - Congrats to Laurie & Jennifer, CA   Anna 

American Trilogy (congrats to Bernie, CA)  Fever (Congrats to Bernie) 


BL01.jpg (80721 bytes) Burning Love   WonderStar1.jpg (744182 bytes)  Wonder of You (Congrats to Debbie Jo)


Hannah (Congrats to Reva)  fam4.JPG (29678 bytes) Nikita (congrats to Jeff)

Thys 1_9_2011 12_42 PM_0001.jpg (81652 bytes) Thijs (congrats to Delia) Meint (sold to the Queen of Holland)


jans6.JPG (96528 bytes) Jensen (congrats to Henry)  kat1.JPG (114480 bytes) Katie (congrats to Valerie)


dakota 10_6_2010 1_32 AM_0003.jpg (66356 bytes) Dakota (Congrats to Juan)    cam1.JPG (105285 bytes) Cami (congrats to Valerie)

Frits (Congrats to Jeff)    sky4.JPG (101141 bytes) Sky (congrats to Jeff)

  Bram (Congrats to Jose)    jo1.JPG (103896 bytes) Jolanda (Congrats to Nick)   Allart (Congrats to Jose)




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