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Tietse 428 -Sport

(Reyert x Oepke x Ritske-P);    S+P6, S+P,  M+P,  Model,  Model

Line 128, 1/2 brother to Leffert;    "Jochem-Free"

Only FPS/FHANA Stallion going Grand Prix Dressage; 10 Grand Champion Foals in 1 season-no other sire has achieved!!

     Tietse - a  Decade in Pictures- Click Here!      

"Tietse 428 "TietseDaisy1.jpg (50408 bytes) Tietse Video World Stallion Show

The most photographed Friesian in the World-

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        "Tietse 428 "   At Stud                      $1800---3 inseminations/no extra stud fees if 1 foal or 3 foals        EVA & CEM free 

(pronounced Teet-sa) 

(Reyert x Oepke x Ritske-Pref)

Frozen Semen at our Ca Vet Facility,  1/2 Brother to LEFFERT - Preferent.  Mother's Sire Oepke is a brother to Mega hair sire-Oege & gives the same hair genes!  Mother has produced 2 approved Stallions.  Tietse is line bred on the Preferent stallion Ritske-Preferent, the only stallion to give stamina, proven healthy performance horses. Tietse is "Jochem Free", Tietse's breeding has less chance at hereditary defects-Tietse has had no "waterheads", dwarfism, or NI foals in all 4 years. Line 128-Grand Prix or Halter Champion- THE Friesian with all the looks & that can do it ALL!! -MEGA Hair, tall, Fantastic Intelligent Charisma - first Friesian to be requested for approval based on his sport record, Pedigree.  Tietse is absolutely surreal, & soooo versatile, not only can he do high end dressage  but Tietse can put on the white Friesian bridle;  sit back & trot a mile off the ground, including the crowding- pleasing front extensions, so known to Lefferts. (after all he is Leffert's 1/2 brother--same mom!) 

- 50% of breeders get 2 mares pregnant with this dosage! (3 inseminations/1 -3 foals, no stud fees) 

  This is the most fertile frozen Friesian semen. Our beautiful Tietse was again very popular last year. Being overbooked for the past 4 years, he has been one of the most popular stallions in our studbook. Last year, he bred more than 255 mares worldwide. Also more than 75 horses in foal with frozen semen. the reason:  simple, he stamps his get, you can tell a Tietse foal-intelligent, reasonable, gorgeous headsets, very Friesian in type and darn right entertaining. oh, and their scores prove it too--over 80% 1st & 2nd Premiums. Book him NOW and join in his SUCCESS! 

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"Tietse 428 "

"Want a Friesian Baby with tons of Hair, Super-Trot Movement & Hollywood Charisma, then make your Mare's date with TIETSE 428 " 

" The King" 

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Click Here!   Driving Video


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Click here: Tietse Spring Open house Performance  


TIETSE 428  

the only FPS GRAND PRIX approved Friesian Stallion "Want a Friesian Baby with tons of Hair, Super-Trot Movement & Hollywood Charisma, then make your Mare's date with TIETSE  428 " 

he only FPS GRAND PRIX approved Friesian Stallion & the only one with 10 CHAMPION Foals in 1 breeding year!!!  2008 his offspring scores of 82% 1st & 2nd P foals-making him THE TOP Friesian breeding stallion in the World!!!

         Tietse 428    81.60%

         Haitse 425      73.28 %

         Beart 441 -        72%

         Harmen 424 -    71.40 %

         Tsjalke 397 -     71 %

         Doaitsen 420 -   68.90%

         Onne 376        62.70%

         Jasper 366     61.68%

         Jerke 434       59.88%

         Andries 415     51.4%

         Tsjabring 429 -  47 %  

AND Tietse's foals had the highest TROTTING scores!!  Tietse's 2006/2007/08/09  frozen semen pregnancy rate  was  88%, & 6 successful ET's.  His frozen is more fertile than any Friesian Fresh Semen! Tietse was sold out in breedings in Europe the last 4 years--but still some availability for USA--don't miss out!!;  

Click here:  his foal videos!! 


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Click here: Tietse Stallion Show Video   

  Tietse Pasture Princess Foals   

   1. See Video: Click here! 

   Tietse Arena Heiress

   2. See Video: Click here!     

  Tietse Arena Heiress II

   3. See Video: Click here! 

   Tietse 1st Premium colt  

   4. See Video: Click here!  

Tietse's Open House Foal Preview 

Video Click here!


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TIETSE'S 3rd Champ Foal out of a total of Ten (10) champion foals in one breeding season --NO Other Friesian Sire has had such great offspring scores. Making history.  We love to "Show & Tell" !! Online  Video  Click Here!

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Tietse 428

Our King-Tietse dancing to the music of THE King  Tietse show video

"These Hooves are made for Walking"TG6.jpg (281316 bytes)

 "Super Extension"  Supertrot video

Dressage Show 2005


Tietse 428 Pedigree


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Tietse Video HK 2006  sl 


  Tietse video reg   


 Tietse-The Beginning  

Tietse's NL "2006 Open House" Stallion Show


Tietse  & Ashley -he has all the "right buttons" to teach Ashley Piaff  & Lead Changes    

See video Click here!

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Tietse 428

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Tietse Video Carriage



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