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The Finest Quality Saddles & Tack made especially for the Friesian Horse--

Tested to the Top by the only Grand Prix approved Stallion Tietse 428 & Trea Mulder



Optimum Performance:  Trea, Tietse in Tietse's Choice Saddles & Bridles by



Especially for Friesian horses - Perfect position - More balance - Extra support - Optimal comfort - Increases contact 

with the horse - Stimulates movements - Increases performance - Luxurious radiation - Produced according to traditional 

methods - English leather - Sheep wool filled - Designed by practical experience -  Extra saddle sizes - Competitive 

price - Related products - Extensive guarantee - All color combinations available - Recommended by top 

dressage rider Trea Mulder and KFPS approved stallion Tietse 428


Talented Friesian horses are more often gaining recognition in the higher Dressage competitions, 

among them are Trea Mulder with the KFPS Aprroved Breeding Stallion Tietse 428.


The saddle has been developed in close cooperation with Trea and Tietse. The Tietse's Choice saddle by Cavaletti

is the only Friesian saddle designed for both the rider and the horse at a higher levels of competition. 

We are thus proud to be able to bring to you this saddle under the name Tietse's Choice.


Tietse's Choice saddles are available in several Tree widths, starting from 28 cm up to and including 35 cm.

Our 33 cm tree width is the most usual tree half-measure for the Friesian horse.

The Tree has been so designed in placement, that the Friesian horse is able to use all shoulder freedom; 

and that the rider remains  balanced in the raised paces of the Friesian, while continuing forward in the

horse's performance.

The perfect position of this saddle can, however, be called unique since the saddle is usually standard on every 

Friesian horse. If the saddle must be custom fitted to your horse, this is possible for the same price.


This Hand-made saddle has been crafted from the World's best materials, while keeping costs minimized. 

This saddle is unique in that it has saddle half-measures, such as 17.3 and 17.8 inch. Approximately

90% of the saddles are made in the half-measures  of 17, 17.5 and 18 inch. Experience shows that 

the majestic paces and different conformation of a Friesian in comparison with the Warmblood horse,

results in most other saddles incorrectly fitting too small or too large.

By our unique half-measures you sit very balanced without compromising your Friesians performance.

Tietse's Choice saddles do not give the feeling you are just sitting on the horse, but you that you and

your Friesian are a team together.


Many Western riders praise our saddles--a very nice transition from the secure feeling of the wrap around

western saddle.  Tietse's Choice saddles give an equally secure feeling, with much less weight to lift up and

 onto your tall Friesians back!


The placement of the knee flaps guarantees a connected and flat position for the support for the riders knee,

and the lower leg has better contact with horse, resulting in more subtle aids. The long stirrups have been

secured in `V `- formation, minimizing movement. A wide, nicely padded seat keeps you in comfort

and gives the rider more balance.


The specially devised tree system, filled with 100% sheep wools, ensures a good contact and better weight

distribution across the back of the horse. Since the Friesian horse is shorter built, the Tietse's Choice

deep seating sits you more forward, placing  the rider correctly and more balanced in the saddle. 

This moves the Friesian's performance forward as a result, and he can more  easily use his back

and as a result, movement will improve.


Balance - Comfort - Contact - Movement - Performance

The Tietse Choice saddle are available in several half-measures.

Tree half-measure:                                     

As from 28 cm up to and including 35 cm.

Meeting half-measure

16.5     inch

17        inch

17.3     inch

17.5     inch     

17.8     inch

18.       inch

18,5     inch


Our saddles delivery time is   + - 10 weeks.  Delivery for the unique half measures is a maximum of 3 months

Your handmade Tietse Choice saddle takes a little time, but good things are worth waiting for.



The standard saddle is made in the color black but, we have several choices available in many color combinations.

 Look at the photographs for some our color options.


Price of only saddle in regular leather implementation: € 1250,-


Complete with surcingle of very soft leather, stirrup leathers, stirrups, TC Saddle,

Tietse Choice name plate IMG_0103internet.jpg (70509 bytes) and saddlecrème: € 1400,-


Extra options:

Colored trim: €  0,-

Buffalo leathers on the flaps: € 50,-

Longer flaps: € 25,-

Other color leathers: € 150,-

TC saddle in the luxuriously implementation: € 150,-

the luxury represented in the saddle is provided with Italian calves leather in the seat

 & extra for comfort on the knee rolls & flaps.


Cavaletti Saddles gives a guarantee of 10 years on the saddle tree and two years on leathers.

Look at the photographs for some examples from our collection. 


 TC Lux, complete € 1800,

IMG_0096internet.jpg (113974 bytes)Click here for Saddle Photosindex.17.jpg (110499 bytes)

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