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"Today's low maintenance companions for today's busy lifestyles"

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Excalibur's Japanese Spitz

Presently Perfect Puppies:

Happy, Healthy, Socialized puppies direct from the breeder.  Best Australian/European lines. All puppies come current on shots, flea meds, and deworming. My babies come pre-spoiled, from my home to yours

Future Puppies:  Spring 2022

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"Having a dog or cat in the house works wonders by reducing stress, lowering cholesterol and decreasing blood pressure, while increasing physical activity. For example, pet ownership has increased the percentage of people who survived one year after being hospitalized for heart problems. Only six percent of non-pet owners survived whereas 28 percent of pet owners survived.  Plus, sharing affection and companionship toward a pet may simply make people smile."

Our Japanese Spitz are family raised, born in our home,  handled and socialized from that day onward.  Our dogs are excellent family companions and love children  I have found the breed to be very active, even at a "mature" age,  very loyal, intelligent and happy.   They like to be close to you and make an excellent family pet. Our goal is to produce the best quality Japanese Sptiz dogs, emphasizing health and temperament above all else.  As Ashley says: "they are always smiling".


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Between my small White Spitz and the big Black Friesians, I have quite the "Checkerboard" effect.  

Very agile dogs, these small white "fluffs" are super fast at avoiding the big black feathered hoofs of the Friesians. 

Ranch dirt/mud not a problem-dry and brush and they are easily cleaned in a moment!



  Dakota - In Loving Memory- Suzy


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