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With the breed being rare and litters small, often puppies from the unborn litters are pre-sold.  We have the largest selection of Champion Sire and Champion Dams from imported lines. Excalibur offers over 30 years experience behind our JS breeding.  Our breeding stock are vet certified and free from patella luxation.  Since 2000, we are the first and longest in business USA Japanese Spitz breeder.





Clic pic above to see some of "past perfect pups"

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Dakota , Bucci, Riccardo, Kiana,  Quest, Kitty, Tessa, Emma, Ariel & Buffy were imported from Australia, where they are  registered with the Australia National Kennel Club and now with the American Rare Breed Assoc. Howie, Lia, Suzy, Elvis, and Roxy were born here in California. They are also registered with The American Rare Breed Association and their litters are registered with the American Rare Breed Association.  While we are waiting for enough numbers to develop in the USA to be recognized by the AKC, we can be registered as pure bred dogs by the following associations:

lick here: American Rare Breed Ass.  (ARBA

and can also be registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC)

Our puppies are ARBA registered and bred to be healthy & free from congenital defects. All of our puppies have had their first vaccinations and two de-worming before they are released, as  well as flea treatments.  


 We  use Delta Dash, United, Alaskan,  KLM "Pets VIP" services to ship our puppies; We have flown puppies and dogs across America, to Alaska, International to The Netherlands, South America, Caribbean, as well as imported from Australia, Netherlands and never had a problem.

Domestic Shipping costs (does not include Hawaii):  $475.00(subj to change) includes Veterinary Health Certificate, airline crate you keep, transport to airport, and  domestic airfare. We can also provide ground transportation.

Puppy prices$:  pending evaluation

Puppies are $2400 (subject to change) for a male or female with a limited registration.  Your puppy will be required to be neutered.   Email me if you wish to discuss other options.




Deposits:  $350.00 down if you would like to reserve a picking order. 

The deposit is fully refundable should a healthy puppy  not be available.  Balance plus shipping is due when puppy is selected at approximately 6 weeks of age.